1. Product composition, care and warranty

1.1. We provide products whose composition guarantees great quality and durability. All of our jewellery is composed of the main raw piece, in this case, made of brass, electroplated under intense pressure by a thick layer of gold, consisting of three layers in total (24k, 18k and 22k respectively) with the last one being 22k gold, apart from two initial layers of copper used to eliminate imperfections and level the surface, as well as a layer of palladium for the prevention of an allergic reaction and a final layer of varnish for further protection against oxidation. 

1.2. Every product goes through an inspection and final quality check, in order to ensure the client receives a product of excellent quality and finish.

1.3. Every product comes with a 1-year warranty from the date of purchase, covering manufacturing defects and breakage because of manufacturing defects. We offer replacement pieces in these two cases, thus, if a manufacturing defect is proven, the replacement will be made free of charge. Warranty does not cover loss, wear and tear, stain due to contact with any of the substances aforementioned, damage for inappropriate storage or accidental damage. 

1.4. Care instructions for proper use are listed below: 

What to Avoid 

a) Do not apply perfume, lotion, oil, cleaning chemicals, hand sanitiser, hairspray, deodorant and any other type of body spray or any other chemical on it. Apply these a few minutes before putting on the jewellery, allowing it to settle first. If you reapply any of these throughout the day, please remove the jewellery beforehand. 

b) Do not wear to shower or swim as immersion in water for long periods or constant dampening will cause tarnishing. 

c) Profuse sweat can damage it through the release of chemicals and toxins from the skin, so remove it when doing exercise. 

How to store 

a) Store the product in a clean dry place such as an airtight jewellery box or a jewellery pouch, not exposed to direct sunlight. 

b) Store only with gold-filled or pure gold products. Never store with tarnished jewellery or imitation jewellery as these tarnish easily with use. 

How to clean

Gently wash with mild soapy water and dry with a soft microfibre cloth or a jewellery polishing cloth. Beware this does not need to be done on a regular basis as constant exposure to water will cause tarnishing. 


2. Replacement of items in warranty 

2.1. The client should contact us via our contact form in the case of a manufacturing defect.

2.2. The client will receive a message via WhatsApp or e-mail within 48 hours containing the information on the procedures to be followed.

2.3. The client will be able to choose between receiving the new product at the original order address, at no additional charge, or a coupon on the value of the product to be redeemed at another purchase. If, after analysis, a manufacturing defect is not found, the previous options will not be made available.  

2.4. In the case of a product authorised for replacement not being available for production, you will be notified and given the option to choose between a coupon on the value of the defective product, to be redeemed at another purchase, or be refunded the full price of the product.


3. Exchanges for repentance 

We do not exchange one type of product for another type in the case of repentance or not liking a product. Only in the case of a product having a manufacturing defect, do we offer a replacement for the same product or a coupon on the value of the product to be redeemed at another purchase. 

That is why we recommend the client to contact us via contact form to discuss any specific queries regarding their order, to make sure they are selecting the right products for their brand. 


4. Package damage or loss 

4.1. Every order is insured. Therefore in both the case of damage or loss, a claim can be filed at DHL to receive compensation. We will contact DHL so a decision can be made regarding the degree of liability for compensation to be provided. 

4.2. It is important to see how the packaging and the product(s) are when the client receives the order, in this way the client guarantees that everything is in alignment with what was bought. 

4.3. In the case of a damaged package – damage is externally visible at the time of delivery, in which case the client may refuse to receive the order, or damage is internal and only perceived after opening the package – a picture should be taken and sent to us with a description of the matter via our contact form in order for us to contact DHL with the appropriate information. 


5. Product not in accordance with order

5.1. If the client receives any product other than what was ordered, the client should notify us of such a mistake via our contact form within 7 calendar days of having received the order. 

5.2. We will assess the case to determine whether there has been a mistake. 

5.3. In the case of a mistake on our behalf, we will arrange a collection with DHL for the mistaken products to be returned and we will send the correct ones instead.  

5.4. Do not send the product(s) without prior authorization from our team and follow the appropriate instructions sent by WhatsApp or e-mail. Returns that have not been previously authorised or do not follow the guidelines will not be accepted.