Order Processing

(1-2 business days)

In this first step you have the option of purchasing the pieces displayed on the website and/or requesting a bespoke service. Beware there is a minimum order of £650 within which we require a minimum quantity of 5 items per product selected.

Pieces on Display

We are constantly updating our jewellery line with classy trends to ensure you are able to purchase pieces that are in demand. 

As a default we send everything unbranded, however, if you would like our branded material to be included (i.e. jewellery cotton pouches as well as earring and necklace cards), please contact us here.

Bespoke Service

In the case of bespoke service, you can send your design or an image of what you are looking for with measurements here. Our design team will get back to you with a quotation and once everything is well defined, the appropriate jewellery moulds will be made and sent for production. Beware that in case of selecting a bespoke service, an extra 1-2 weeks is added to the entire production process, depending on the type and quantity of design requested.

“We are constantly updating our jewellery line with the latest trends to ensure you are able to purchase pieces that are in demand.”

Production & Quality Check

(2-3 weeks)


Once your order comes through, we will send all the details to our manufacturing partners in Brazil who will start the production. 

We have been able to develop a long-standing relationship with a very trustworthy family-owned business of jewellery producers, who have shown immense care and love for ourselves as people and for the success of our brand, something we also prioritise in our relationship with you. This has allowed us to ensure everything is ethically produced.

Quality Check

Once the order has been fully produced, it is sent to the quality check team to ensure that every piece you purchase is the correct size and has the right parts, has been appropriately electroplated (i.e. layered with copper, palladium, gold and varnish film for protection and durability) and assembled to great quality. Once that is completed, the pieces are packaged in plastic bags and wrapped in bubble wrap for further protection in order to be placed in the cartridge box. 

Shipping and Delivery

(3-5 business days)

After quality check, your order is ready to be shipped anywhere in the world with the trustworthy and efficient service of DHL. 

DHL will contact you via sms/email and provide you with a link to update you on the status of shipping and delivery, as well as give you the link for the payment of import duty/tax (i.e. import VAT) which is required to be made prior to delivery.

Once the package arrives in your country and payment of outstanding VAT has been carried out, a delivery date and window time will be provided giving you the option of making amendments.

* In total, you should be aiming at 3-4 weeks from order to production and delivery of products purchased from our website, and 5-6 weeks for bespoke products. In case of an order that includes both products on display and bespoke products, the estimated time will be 5-6 weeks.

Any question?

Check our FAQs section to find the answer you are looking for.