Our Story

Majô was founded in London 2018 under the proposal of providing timeless, lifelong, affordable and ethically produced gold-filled jewellery pieces for the contemporary woman carrying a classy essence within herself.

With roots in Brazil, where its founder is from and where all products are made, the brand initiated its path as an online retailer, deciding in 2021 to expand its reach by becoming a supplier for other fashion brands, endeavouring not only to provide great quality pieces, but also to contribute towards the flourishing of each brand by offering a bespoke service as well as ongoing knowledge support.

What about the name?

Majô, pronounced ‘maj’-‘eau’ like water in French, is simply the Brazilian abbreviation of Marjorie, the founder of this brand.

A classy French-American-English name whose meaning is ‘pearl’. And what could be classier than this atemporal gemstone? It is the ideal definition for a brand that seeks to produce timeless accessories for the classy contemporary woman.

Our Purpose

We exist to prioritise a very personalised care to our clients as people first, and thus contribute to the existence and growth of their fashion retail brands by providing great quality jewellery, timeless products that never go out of trend, are accessible and always ethically produced.

We are here because we seek to:

  • Give a unique and personalised attention to every client in order to respond to each specific need. 
  • Provide great quality gold-filled jewellery at an accessible price, always ethically produced. 
  • Produce classy designs that go beyond time, carrying in their atemporality the promise of a long-standing existence, whereby consumers will be able to wear it regardless of epoch or fashion trends. 
  • Assist our clients in flourishing their business by offering a bespoke service for jewellery creation and by sharing with them all the knowledge and advice we have. 
  • Promote conscious consumption by offering a made-to-order service to avoid overproduction.

Our Values


This is the primary motivation of our business. To carry out every single action – from our first contact with potential clients, to design conception, to its processing and delivery to you – out of a position of deep affection and consideration for what is being done and for whom it is being done. That care leads us to do everything with excellence to serve others, be it our collaborators participating in the process of production or the customer service we give our clients.


We put ourselves in our clients’ shoes. As a brand that started as a retailer, we know the ups and downs of business and it is our interest to see our clients succeed, therefore, we will always seek to do whatever is in our power to see that accomplished. It is our great pleasure to see other fashion brands thrive.


It is our priority to ensure our products are ethically produced. We always endeavour to build an honest relationship with our suppliers by knowing them personally and being acquainted with the production chain, in order to guarantee that every product is produced in a way that respects human rights.


We deliver what we promise. We strive for our actions to be aligned with our words, hence the good product quality, warranty and customer service we promote is the good product quality, warranty and customer service we deliver.


Knowledge is one of the pillars of advancement. We don’t claim to know everything but we are always seeking to learn more and integrate that into our business model to serve our clients.

Our Product

Retail Reviews

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on 31 Dec, 2021
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Lovely earrings. Great customer service, quick replies and super friendly. Recommend
on 28 Dec, 2021
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Lovely earrings, arrived in good time and beautifully packaged 🙂 very reasonable price too, would definitely order again 🙂
on 06 Dec, 2021
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Really lovely earrings! Great quality and look amazing! Customer service was also great after I managed to lose one and Marjorie gave me a code to get a replacement. Definitely recommend! 🙂
on 18 Nov, 2021
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Just the most beautiful earrings - and at a fantastic price. Will definitely be ordering from this seller again. Quality is superb.
on 02 Jan, 2021
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Really nice earrings and helpful service from seller 🙂